How to update a lamp

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Everyone has a lamp at home that is out-dated or broken and with an ugly repair, and we have just the solution. Here is how to turn that lamp into one of a kind and you are recycling to boot.

It is very easy and you can do it yourself. You just have to follow the steps below and you will have a novel and fashionable lamp.


-Manila cord, thick sisal twine or even silk cord

-A lamp

-Contact cement



Start from base and use the contact cement to stick the cord to the lamp as you roll it round the ceramic base.

The best way to gradually apply the contact cement using the paintbrush and in sections, as if you cover the whole lamp, the cement may dry before you have applied all the cord.

Press the cord as you apply it against the base and against the cord below, so there are no bare spaces.

Finish by cutting the end at an angle and hide it under the lower line. It is now ready for the lampshade. It should ideally be a natural colour that goes with your new lamp.

You can find some of the materials to make this lamp, such as the cord and paintbrushes, at

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